Separator Monitoring


Product Details

Our sewage treatment plant solution remotely monitors wastewater levels in all types of wastewater treatment plants, reducing tankering frequency and logistical costs.

Product Details

How it works

Kingspan’s Intelligent Separator Monitoring Service takes the hard work out of keeping your separators compliant. Our qualified engineers know when maintenance is required through our unique monitoring technology.

This service includes full separator inspections, repairs and custom reports. This gives you full visibility over your separator performance throughout the year.


  • Saves you money
  • Keeps you fully compliant
  • Saves time – we manage your paperwork and inspections
  • Helps with quality mark applications
  • Reduces health and safety risks
  • Get greater lifetime value from your equipment with regular maintenance
  • Tankering and maintenance provided as part of a full operation and maintenance plan
  • Greatly reduces risks of spills

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Our separator monitoring service meets all relevant environmental regulations including PPG3, EU Directive EN 058:1-2 and all Groundwater Regulations.

We provide full site audit paperwork for relevant compliance reporting including ISO 14001 - saving you time and hassle when it comes to inspections and helping you avoid the risk of fines.

Under the EU Directive EN58: 1-2 and PPG3, you are required to: 

  • Ensure that any device used to monitor separators is installed by qualified technicians and conform to BS EN 60079-10
  • Test all equipment regularly
  • Inspect and empty separators every 6 months. A full internal inspection should take place every 5 years
  • Full site inspections must be recorded to ensure compliance
  • Under EU Directive EN58: 1-2, you must take measures to prevent disposal of harmful pollutants (eg hydrocarbons) into the groundwater.


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