Pump Stations Monitoring


Product Details

Kingspan’s Intelligent Pump Stations monitoring service is a cost effective solution to help you offer a ‘Just in Time’ Tankering service so you can deliver a more efficient and proactive service to your customers.

Product Details


Saves you money

  • Increase profitability
  • Retain higher margin customers at a lower cost

Increase efficiency of your fleet

  • Pick up twice as much - half as often
  • Maximise the return on investment from your fleet

Customer retention

  • Proactive managed service
  • Improve your customer service levels
  • Win more contracts by differentiating your offer

Improve your environmental credentials

  • Carbon footprint reduced - fewer miles covered per gallon of waste collected
  • Avoid environmental clean-up costs, EA fines and reputation damage

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Our pump station monitoring service utilises the latest monitoring technology so you can deliver a more efficient and proactive service to your customers.

  • We fit a high tech alarm to your customer's pump station, along with cutting-edge monitoring equipment that reads the level of waste in the tank.
  • This innovative remote monitoring technology tells you when the tank needs emptied or has reached a predetermined level.
  • You are then able to operate a 'Just in Time' Tankering service, and schedule your fleet so that it operates more effectively.
  • We can also offer a service package to ensure the system operates optimally at all times.


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