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KingZip Linea is a built up standing seam system that enables you to create technically perfect angular, convex, concave and tapered architectural forms

  • Suitable for Curved Applications - can be curved to 5m for convex and 8m concave
  • Can be tapered 
  • Available in cover widths from 250mm to 500mm
  • Lengths from 1.5 up to 150m (site rolled)
  • Advanced structural, thermal, acoustic and fire performance
  • Exceptional long term weatherisation and durability
  • Intergated with Kingspan Day-Lite Capture, Kingspan Arcade Rooflight Plus, Kingspan Safety Solutions and Kingspan Roof Mounted PV System
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Technical Information

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KingZip Linea & Infiniti Standing Seam Systems Brochure

KingZip Linea Outer Profile Dimensions
Nominal Gauge  (mm) 0.8, 0.9, 1,0 &1,2
Panel length (m) 1.5 to 150*
Standard Cover Width (mm) 300, 400 & 500

*  Can be manufactured on or off site.  Factory manufactured up to a standard length of 15m
Please contact our technical department for further information.

KingZip Linea Typical Weights:Aluminium
Cover Width 0.8mm 0.9mm 1.0mm 1.2mm
  kg/lm kg/lm kg/lm kg/lm
300mm 1.04 1.17 1.30 1.56
400mm 1.26 1.42 1.57 1.89
500mm 1.48 1.67 1.85 2.22

Product Tolerances
Cover Width +2.00mm / -2.00mm
Edge Squareness 1% of sheet cover width
-up to 10m long +10mm / -5mm
-over10m long +10mm* / -5mm

* +1mm per length over 10m
Fire Performance
KingZip Linea achieves a class 0 rating as defined in various national building regulations.
These systems are classed as non - combustible.
Test Result
BS 476-3:2004  FAA/SAA
BS 476-6:2009  1< 12 i < 6
BS 476-7:1997  Class 1 rating for aluminium/steel inner/outer metal facings
FM 4471 Panel Roofs Class 1A

Thermal Performance
KingZip Linea has been subjected to CWCT and ASTM E1680 and achieves 5m3/hr/m2 50pa.
U-Values up to 0.10 W/mk depending on construction type selected

Acoustic Performance
Sound Reduction - Rw values from 36dB to 50dB depending on construction type selected
Sound absorbtion - NRC values from 0.5 to 0.85 for our standard perforation patterns.  Project specific NRC values on request.

Our KingZip roof systems are manufactured and supplied under:-

BS EN ISO 9001
Compliant with ASTM E1637

Systems with UL 580-90 certification are available
Kingzip Brochure Web Image

KingZip Standing Seam Systems Brochure

FM 4471 Certificate KingZip

FM Approval for Kingzip

DCD Certificate KingZip 2021

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Planet Passionate
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

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