Kingzip Linea

Integrated Solutions


We custom design and manufacture a range of integrated upstands, specifically for our KingZip systems, that accommodate a variety of daylighting solutions such as prismatic, domed, multi-vault and barrel vault options as well as "in-plain"daylight methods

Kingspan Arcade Plus Rooflight ME Edition

Kingspan Arcade Plus Rooflight ME Editions_UAE_EN
The Arcade Plus Rooflight is an energy efficient, thermally
broken daylighting system with an arched aluminium and
PVC profile structure. It is particularly suitable for more
demanding installations with respect to insulation, sealing,
and protection against condensation.

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Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture KS1500 DLK

Prismatic Rooflight 5051
Our first 100% diffusion roof light, designed to integrate with the KingZip roof system. The unique, contoured design of the Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture rooflight allows it to capture enhanced levels of natural light at low sun angles – illuminating internal spaces during early morning and late evening. Its advanced nano-prismatic technology efficiently scatters light ensuring excellent levels of light transmission and eliminating hot-spots and glare.

Fall Arrest Systems

We offer both our Safepro2 and KingZip SF Walkway safety systems for use with KingZip Linea and Infiniti. They are the only systems that are fully tested and approved for use with KingZip and they comply with national and international codes and standards – providing the highest levels of protection within regulatory requirements. Both systems allow for quick and easy, top-fix nonpenetrative installation eliminating thermal bridging.

Kingspan SafePro2 Fall Protection System

Kingspan Safepro2_UAE_EN
An innovative, discreet personal fall protection system, Safepro2 is designed to protect both the worker and the roof to which the system is fixed. Safepro2 is secured to the standing seam of KingZip systems using non-penetrative fixing clips, thereby maintaining integrity of the external weather sheet. Safepro2 comprises a high-strength stainless steel cable, supported on energy-absorbing roof anchor
posts. Workers must wear an approved full body harness lanyard and attach themselves to the Safepro2 system. Learn More. 


KingZip Walkways

Kingspan KingZip Walkway_UAE_EN
Kingspan aluminium walkways prevent roof panel damage caused by foot traffic by allowing a safe convenient access to and across the roof. Designed to complement KingZip, the walkways are fixed to the roof profile without penetration of the sheeting, maintaining KingZip system integrity. 


Vents & Access Hatches

We custom design and manufacture a range of integrated upstands for vents, access hatches and other penetrations to project specific requirements.