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Finishes and Coatings

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Finishes and Coating play a huge part in architectural design

We offer a wide range of Standard coatings.
If you have something invividual or incorporate in your mind talk to us about colour and finish options tailored to your requirements.

Our Coatings

External Weather Sheet

The external weather sheet is available in coated 3000 or 5000 series aluminium alloy or mill finish aluminium, stucco embossed mill finish aluminium, coated / pre-painted Z275 galvanised steel, stainless steel, zinc or copper with the following finishes:

Kingspan PVDF

Provides a long-term aesthetic life of approximately 20 years on aluminium, offering excellent durability and colour stability.

Kingspan ARS

Abrasion resistant coating for aluminium with good handling characteristics.

Kingspan Polyester

A cost-effective colour coating with a medium term life for both aluminium and steel.


Durabond is an innovative 120 micron paint system with a unique heavy duty anti-corrosive primer and polyamide modified polyurethane final coat, that can be offered for more harsh and corrosive atmospheres

Materials and Coatings Durability

The lifespan of a metal coating is determined by the geographical location, the local environment, the colour selected and the coating type. For further information on any aspect of the technical data for KingZip Linea or Infiniti, please contact our Design Assist Service on: +971 (0) 4-8854 232.