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Queen Alia Internatonal Airport, Amman, Jordan

KingZip was the ideal solution for this airport terminal project because its flexibility allows architects to meet almost any design need. Read more.

As soon as we got the brief in from Foster + Partners, we knew we wanted to speak with the team at Kingspan. We’ve worked together on a number of different projects before, and we know that Kingspan delivers, when we need unique, high performance structural solutions for our clients.

Joannou & Paraskevaides

The Project

The Queen Alia project started as a technical illustration outlining Foster + Partners’ vision. An important part of this vision was to create an airport terminal which would provide ease of access to the Levant, whilst also reflecting the regional tastes of the environment. Kingspan, together with Joannou & Paraskevaides, transformed this vision into an award winning architectural building.

Amman, Jordan
Kingspan Spectrum | Black Grey
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Make your vision a reality

As with all major projects, there were significant challenges to be overcome. The local climate created an issue for the energy performance of the terminal. Whilst daytime temperatures were extremely high, as dusk fell there was a significant drop in temperature. Such dramatic fluctuations in temperature can lead to building expansion and contraction.To combat this issue, a 300mm void was stipulated between the aluminium standing seam system and the moulded concrete shells. These were also insulated and protected by a single-ply weatherproof membrane. As a further measure of protection, several 50mm holes were drilled into the centre of each dome to encourage convection and prevent over-heating.

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Total Design Flexibility

KingZip's structural capability and flexibility provided the metal cover of the building for this project, which allowed for a beautiful and unique double curved petal shape to be created for the roof. Each of these steel petals on the roof covers a concrete dome, which branches out from supporting columns to give a palm tree effect. This building was inspired by the landscape and the culture of the area, with Bedouin tents believed to be the inspiration for the design of this magnificent roof.

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Testing Standards and Approvals

Not only is KingZip flexible to work with, it also achieves a Class 0 rating as classified by building regulations and is fully compliant with ASTM E1637 and FM4471

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