AE_LLC_R_KZSF_Abu Dhabi Int Airport_render

Abu Dhabi International Airport, Midfield Complex

320,000 metre squared of KingZip Linea and Infiniti was used in the creation of the Midfield terminal roof and was key to the creation of unusual and complex curves.

The Project

Abu Dhabi International Airport, Midfield Complex is integral to the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan, transforming the desert into the 'Garden of the Gulf' through a design that responds to its natural environment, while meeting the needs of the rapidly expanding capital.  Kingspan’s KingZip SF will be used to create the unusual and complex curves that form a centre piece of the roof design.

Abu Dhabi
KingZip SF
With mobile forming and curving machines, KingZip can be manufactured on-site, allowing roofs to be constructed using very long sheet lengths and eliminating the need for any endlaps. This significantly increases the speed of construction. The roof at Abu Dhabi Airport covers almost 30 0000m², so this rapid installation process was extremely advantageous for the project.
AE_LLC_R_KZSF_Abu Dhabi Int Airport_render