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As part of Kingspan Insulation's commitment to share industry and regulatory knowledge, and to support continuing professional development, a series of technical presentations have been developed for, RIBA, AIA and ASHRAE Chapters as well as for engineering and architectural practices and individuals.

Presentations can be specifically tailored for designers, consulting and design & build contractors as well as architects, local authorities, clients, developers, building owners and facilities managers.

Below is a summary of each lunch & learn / CPD Seminar that we currently offer. You can learn more about a seminar's content by clicking on the tabs below.

Understand the positive impact of improving U-values.
This CPD seminar educates on the benefits of improving U-values, following an independent study undertaken by Mott MacDonald. The study looks at 6 different building types, in 5 different locations across the Middle East and how they each respond to improving U-values in the roof, wall and floor. It focusses on return on investment, carbon emissions and energy reductions.

Time: 1 Hour
Understanding the ODP vs GWP of PIR Insulation
Insulation materials themselves can contribute to greenhouses gas emissions, global warming potential and ozone depletion if they are not manufactured in a responsible way. This Lunch & Learn focusses on how different manufacturing processes, such as the use of CFC/HCFCs, can impact negatively on the environment.

Time: 1 Hour
TR27 Solid Concrete Blocks - Metal Deck
This will educate on different flat roof constructions, including tapered roofing, which negates the need for screed in the roof construction. This solution is cheaper, quicker and lighter than other methods of construction.

Time: 1 Hour
Kingspan OPTIM-R – Vacuum insulation panel up to 5 times more efficient than other insulation products.
OPTIM-R is the latest product innovation to be released by Kingspan Insulation. With a declared (aged) thermal conductivity of 0.007 W/m∙K, Kingspan OPTIM-R provides an insulating performance that is up to five times better than other commonly available insulation materials. Discover how you can solve the problem of limited space!

Time: 1 Hour
Technical information to understanding compliant solutions.

This CPD aims to improve your knowledge of thermal insulation for building fabric; from technical information to understanding compliant solutions.

You will understand the benefits of phenolic insulation and minimum requirements as per local building regulations, civil defence and fire codes.

It includes key updates from the most recent version of the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code, incorporating the new Chapter 18: Responsibilities. 

Time: 1 Hour

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