Building Envelope & Roofing Technical Advice

U-Value Calculation

Kingspan Insulation offers a technically advanced support service for its building insulation products. The service is designed to give fast and accurate technical advice for designers, specifiers, architects, homeowners, developers, builders and other building professionals.

Forward your project specification to the Roofing & Building Technical Service Department and any number of permutations can be provided to help you achieve your desired targets. The Roofing & Building Technical Service Department can provide:

  • Product data for the full range of Kingspan Insulation roofing and building insulation products
  • Advice on product selection
  • U-value calculations
  • Guidance on achieving compliance with current Building, Energy, Environmental & Fire Codes
  • Heat loss / gain calculations
  • Condensation / risk analysis
  • General application & fixing advice
  • Design detailing & fixing solutions
  • Guidance as to which LEED® credit categories might be relevant to Kingspan Insulation roof, wall and floor insulation products and insulated systems, when determining where points may be achieved
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