What is a Vacuum Insulation Panel?

25 April 2017 Kingspan Insulation Middle East
Kingspan OPTIM-R, a vacuum insulation panel, has a microporous core which is sealed in a  thin, gas-tight envelope

VIPs or Vacuum Insulated Panels are specially designed panels that use the insulation of a vacuum in a board shape.

A vacuum, or the absence of air, has no thermal conductivity. Only radiation can pass through a vacuum. These boards give outstanding thermal conductivity for the thinnest possible solution and are considered the next generation of insulation products.

Advantages of Using VIPs

  • Excellent thermal efficiency: VIPs provide an insulating performance that has a significant improvement over other commonly available insulation materials. Because they rely on the insulation property of a vacuum they can easily achieve low U-values with minimum thickness.
  • Ideal for upgrading insulation during refurbishment. When upgrading thermal performance in an existing building it can often be hard to fit more insulation without adding to construction thickness, which might reduce the amount of daylight into the building or extending the eaves but with VIPs this can be overcome due to the thin nature of the insulation.
  • Reliable long term performance over life time of building.
  • Fits in tight spaces for new builds. VIPs are the perfect solution in areas where lack of construction space or thickness is an issue, for example better insulation can be achieved on a floor without the need to raise skirting boards or radiators and without changing the floor level; excavating the floor or adding in a step at a doorway when adding in a new extension or balcony.
  • Sleek design. Having to incorporate large amounts of space for insulation can often compromise the look and feel of a building, but with VIPs, the same levels of insulation can be achieved which much thinner insulation. Difficult areas, such as dormer windows or balconies which may have gone uninsulated because of lack of space available, can be insulated without having to alter the design of the building.

Watch our short video showing the history of the vacuum and Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs)