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Kingspan Styrozone XPS insulation board
Kooltherm insulation chars
Pool noodles are an example of a closed cell foam.
Bath sponge is an example of open cell foam where water can easily flow through the entire structure, displacing the air.
Kingspan Kooltherm K5 external wall application
Kingspan Kooltherm insulation board
Condensation is the process of water vapour in the air condensing from a gas into a liquid.
Swimming pools and wet rooms are warm and very humid, that's why roof insulation is essential.
Kingspan OPTIM-R, a vacuum insulation panel, has a microporous core which is sealed in a  thin, gas-tight envelope
Understanding thermal bridge
Building Information Modelling is a way of managing all the information required in a building project.
low thermal conductivity
Foil is a low emissivity material.

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Kingspan on understanding compression



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