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Guarantees & Warranties

Your building protection
for up to 40 years

Many manufacturers offer guarantees for their products but limit them to certain specific areas. The new Kingspan Ultimate Panel Guarantee is different. In recognition of the many different demands that are placed on construction professionals today, it offers a comprehensive and broad coverage, that is rarely available with standard manufacturers' guarantees.

Dri-design 100

Total Envelope Guarantee

Kingspan coldstore systems are guaranteed to perform for 25 years

  1. Metal Quality
  2. Temper 
  3. Gauge 
  4. Shape,
  5. Physical 

Geometric Thermal insulation properties, for a period of 25 years. The system facing will resist the effects of normal atmospheric conditions, including normal Coastal (Marine) and normal industrial for the period of the Guarantee

1. Coating performance - up to 40 years
2. Thermal performance - up to 25 years
3. Structural performance - up to 25 years
4. Acoustic performance - up to 25 years

Kingspan Warranty

We guarantee that whatever direction the urban landscape takes, your building will still be functioning ‘as built’ for thermal and structural performance in 40 years time.​
Dri-design 100

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