Kingspan Insulated Panels Receives Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Approval

1 September 2019 Kingspan MEATCA
ADCD Approval
Kingspan Insulated Panels receives Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Approval in compliance with UAE Fire and Life Safety Code 2017 Edition. The following products and systems manufactured in Kingspan Insulated Panel's Dubai based manufacturing facility have received ADCD approval:
  • Kingspan KSD600/900/1000 AWP Architectural Wall Panels with Quadcore
  • Kingspan KSD1000RW Trapezoidal Wall Panels with Quadcore
  • Kingspan KSD1000RW Trapezoidal Roof Panels  with PIR Core (IPN)
  • Kingspan KSD1100 CS Coldstore Panels with Quadcore
  • KingZip Standing Seam Architectural Roof Systems

Local regulation compliance is critical in the region and Kingspan's commitment to innovation, R&D testing and building regulation compliance has once again resulted in another satisfactory achievement. Utilising ADCD Approved Kingspan products listed above will enable main contractors and installers to reduce/avoid any kind of regulation compliance related risk exposure that may cause delays or penalties on their ongoing/upcoming projects in UAE.  

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