Kingspan MEATCA BIM Implementation Programme

Kingspan initiated its Building Information Modelling implementation plan in 2016 with an initial focus on products manufactured in our Adana plant in Turkey.

The initiative began with an extensive training program covering all the Technical team members. Revit software was selected for the technical services provided. Traditionally, our technical department has been working in 2d to produce the project detailing, quotation, cut length, drawings to production, pricing etc. The aim is to automate the existing process with the aid of this new technology. All Kingspan Panels manufactured in Turkey have been modelled.

Our panel families are defined by their functions, names, installation orientation and their constituent properties.In a BIM model, the building is a live element which contains intelligent information. BIM: Building Information Modelling, lies on a database therefore shouldn’t be conceived as a simple 3d visualization. From a single BIM model, infinite numbers of sections, plans, elevations, 3d views, schedules, material lists can be extracted. Any revision is reflected simultaneously to all the extracted data representations. This connection is bidirectional, which means any revision made on plan, view or schedule is directly reflected to the database. It leads to full automation while removing the need for manual updates which is the most time consuming operation of the traditional design and construction works.
Kingspan MEATCA (Turkey production) panel series Is available in our BIM PORTAL.  

Additionally the panel families could be reached under the insert ribbon inside the Revit software. When users need a sandwich panel for their projects, they simply search under the Autodesk Seek button.