Dalmunach Distillery

Located in the heart of Scotland, the construction of this new Speyside malt whiskey distillery is the result of increasing global demand for scotch whiskey.

The Project

The new distillery sits along the bank of the River Spey and is capable of producing up to 10 million litres of spirit annually. Formed in the shape of a leaf of barley, this project was inspired by the core ingredients used to make traditional scotch whiskey. The unique shape of the building adds character and is a reflection of the locally sourced ingredients used to make traditional scotch whiskey.

Carron, Scotland
Micro-Rib | Trapezoidal Wall
Trapezoidal Roof
Kingspan Day-Lite | Trapezoidal
XL Forte Grey White | XL Forte Anthracite

Architecturally Stunning

Reflecting the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, this building is consistent with the architectural style of the region, creating a new focal point for the community. Trapezoidal roof panels in XL Forte Anthracite installed on the roof are contrasted against Micro-Rib panels in XL Forte Grey White to create a striking exterior. These two panels produce an interesting blend of materials whilst simultaneously providing an air, watertight and weatherproof inner skin support system.


Speed of Construction

Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof panels are pre-engineered and assembled off-site, allowing for single fix installation. This service can help reduce build times by 50%.


Superior Business Protection

Since the distillery is home to highly flammable products, installing reliable panels with excellent thermal performance was an essential requirement for the project. The Trapezoidal Roof, Wall and Micro-Rib panels installed are all LPCB, FM approved and provide superior fire safety measures for the building.


Sustainable Solutions

Kingspan Day-Lite Trapezoidal is a range of co-extruded, multi-wall polycarbonate, designed to be an integral part of the Trapezoidal Roof panel system. These lights allow a high level of natural daylight to flow into the building, whilst also providing superior resistance to UV degradation. The use of Kingspan Day-Lite Trapezoidal on this project illuminates the rooms inside the building, eliminating the need for traditional electrical lighting and allowing the business to operate in a more efficient and eco-friendly manner.