Whole Life Cost of HVAC Ductwork

23 May 2017 Kingspan Insulation Middle East
An installed pre-insulated rigid Kingspan HVAC ductwork has low air leakage and can save energy.

The impact of differing HVAC Ductwork specifications on air leakage, energy usage, CO2 emissions and costs.


Carbon reduction and energy efficiency have become an increasing focus for the world’s major governments. Governments across the Gulf are committing to cut carbon emissions and energy demand. With programmes such as Dubai's integrated energy strategy, Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030 and Qatar's National Vision 2030.

As a result, legislation continues to target those activities which contribute most to CO2 emissions. Buildings are responsible for over 40% of global energy use and one third of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and have ‘the most potential for delivering significant and cost-effective GHG emission reductions’. 

The Study

This White Paper details an independent study commissioned by Kingspan Insulation of two air-distribution ductwork installations, in two identical new construction buildings. It compares: energy use; associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions; and installed, operational and whole life costs.

This study compares the performance and costs of two different air distribution systems in two buildings, which are virtually identical in all respects but their HVAC ductwork specification. One building is serviced by ductwork fabricated from the Kingspan KoolDuct System, a pre-insulated HVAC ductwork system and the other by traditional sheet metal ductwork insulated with glass fibre duct wrap.



Ductwork fabricated from the Kingspan KoolDuct System proved to be more airtight, with an air leakage rate 80% less than that of the glass fiber insulated sheet metal. This equates to an estimated energy saving of 24 MMBtu per annum – the equivalent of 188 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions over a 30 year period.

Ductwork fabricated from the Kingspan KoolDuct System also proved to be more cost-effective than the sheet metal equivalent, saving nearly 17% on capital cost. In addition, it is predicted to save 7.5% on operational cost, and, over a 30 year period, an estimated 14% on whole life cost.

 The findings show that ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct System:

  • Had an air-leakage rate 80% less than that of the ductwork constructed with galvanised sheet steel and insulated with glass fibre duct wrap
  • Could save 720 MMBtu / 213,600 kWh and 188 short tons / 170 metric tons of CO2 over 30 years
  • Could reduce COemissions by 1.79 lb/sq.ft / 8.74 kg/m­2 of building floor area
  • Had an installed cost, which was over 16% less expensive than the glass fibre insulated sheet metal (GI Ductwork)
  • Over 30 years, could yield a whole life cost saving of over 14%
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