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Kingspan Ducting CNC Machine

Why Kingspan Ducting CNC Machines?

PalDuct was the first rigid pre-insulated ductwork product in the world. At over 40 years old, PalDuct has now expanded its range, which now includes products that aid the fabrication of all pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation.

Kingspan PalDuct CNC Machines are manufactured with the latest technologies. They cut straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated ductwork.

CNC Machine Products

Kingspan Ducting Supercut CNC Machine
Kingspan Ducting CNC Machine
SCF CNC Machine can be used for cutting all shapes of pre-insulated panels.
The first machine that can be used for cutting all shapes of pre-insulated panels by means of blades, without the use of milling (or routing) tools. This will reduce the wastage of the panel. 
Kingspan Supercut CNC Machine 7th Issue_Nov 2021 - cover

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Kingspan Ducting CNC Machine
The rolling table is controlled by three interpolated axis and a brushless motor, which will seamlessly plot and cut panels.
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Kingspan Ducting CNC Machine Flyer

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