Kingspan PalDuct Phenolic system is installed into AKOYA, Dubai.

AKOYA, Dubai

Kingspan PalDuct Phenolic system is installed into AKOYA, Dubai.

The Project

AKOYA is an entirely self-contained community emphasising a tranquil lifestyle and green living, away from the busy city but with easy access to its business and leisure hubs. Set around an international golf course, there are community swimming pools and playgrounds in each cluster of homes, with beautifully landscaped streets and parks.

The mega project exemplifies Dubai’s forward-looking approach, featuring cutting-edge technology, including ductwork fabricated from Kingspan PalDuct System. With its premium performance insulation core, the lightweight solution eliminates the requirement for a secondary lagging stage – helping to accelerate installations. Ductwork can be fabricated on or offsite in sections up to four metres in length and can be fitted with a variety of coupling solutions to suit the particular demands of each application.

Dubai, U.A.E.
Project Use:
Year Completed:
2020 (Q4)
Kingspan PalDuct Phenolic system is installed into AKOYA, Dubai.

Ductwork fabricated from Kingspan PalDuct Phenolic System can reduce air-leakage rates to a fraction of those typical of traditional sheet metal ductwork and provides high standards in energy efficiency, thus reducing overall energy costs. At the same time, the non-fibrous insulation core minimises the risk of loose fibres entering the ductwork and maintains a healthier living environment.

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