SlimLine Small AdBlue® Tanks - 1,290-12,980 Litres


Product Overview

The Kingspan Slimline AdBlue Tank has a compact design and smaller footprint making it the perfect solution for areas where access is limited. This bunded AdBlue Tank protects against leaks and spillages whilst maintaining AdBlue purity.

Product Information

Technical Information
The SlimLine product range offers a complete AdBlue storage and dispensing solution and is perfectly suited for petrol stations, logistics, construction and transportation companies. The SlimLine range is one of the most reliable and robust AdBlue storage systems on the market offering:
  • The compact design
  • A wide variety of equipment to suit all types of users
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lockable housing protects against unauthorized access
  • 5 year warranty - container and internal tank
  • The filling line is fitted with dry coupling filling connection for safe and easy filling
  • The dispensing system can be installed separately

Standard Equipment

  • Control Panel - controls the operation of the distribution system, equipped with: level sensor, leak sensor, heating, dry-running protection, maximum level alarm, etc.
  • Dispensing unit with delivery rate max. 30 l/min is available in two versions:- with legalisation (MID) with illuminated LCD display indicating the current and total volume and value of the consumed AdBlue®, the dispenser can be connected with cash registers system (only units with legalisation), - without legalisation - indicating the current volume of the consumed AdBlue®.
  • 230V AC pump.
  • Reel with 6 m dispensing hose.
  • Actual level indicator.
  • Automatic nozzle.
  • Leak sensor.
  • Dry running pump protection.
  • Maximum level indicator.
  • 2" filling line with spill free coupling.
  • Automatic heating and ventilation system to maintain the temperature of the liquid in the required range.

Optional Equipment

  • GSM Telemetry - remote sending of data such as the current level of AdBlue® in the tank, the amount of consumed AdBlue®. The software analyses the data such as the date of filling, the car, the amount of consumed AdBlue®, etc.
  • Possibility to place any stickers on container walls.
  • Elaflex nozzle.
  • PU insulation of inner tank.
  • PU insulation of inner tank and heating tape.
  • Additional heating 950 W (blower).
  • Multi-user control panel MC BOX - dispenser without legalisation (up to 120 users.
  • Location of the door to the technical part in different sides (on the short side of the container or on the long, right or left side).
Product Code Usable Volume** (l) Overflow Capacity*** (l) Height (m) Width (m)  Length (m)
SLB01333/* 1290 1290 2.40 1.20 2.02
SLB02500/* 2330  2330 2.40  1.53  2.35 
SLB02666/* 2480  2580  2.40  1.20  3.02 
SLB03999/* 3670  3870  2.40  1.20  4.03 
SLB05332/* 4860  5160  2.40  1.20  5.03 
SLB05000/* 4460  4660  2.40  1.53  3.72 
SLB07500/* 6590  6990  2.40  1.53  5.07 
SLB10000/* 8720  9320  2.40  1.53  6.42 
SLB15000/* 12980  13980  2.40  1.53  9.26 

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