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Product Highlights

Kingspan Controlled Environment panels are designed for use within temperature controlled and hygiene safe environments, such as food processing, freezers, pharmaceutical, cold/chill store and clean rooms.
These Firesafe, hygenic and fibre free insulated wall panel systems are suitable for internal and external walls and ceilings, including "box within a box" applications.

1. Designed to withstand internal /external temperature differences of up to 80 degrees C
2. Internal temperature range of -50 degrees C to +60 degrees C
3. Incorporates a joint panel that achieves excellent thermal performance and can accomodate vapour and hygiene safe seals
4. Large range of profiles, coatings and inulation core thicknesss to meet project specific demands
5.  Available in lengths up to 11,75 metres
6.  Hygiene safe, resting moisture ingress and any risk of toxic mould and bacterial growth


Technical Information

Product Performance
Fire & Environmental Rating
Finishes & Coating
Construction details

Thermal Performance, Dimensions & Weight

The Kingspan KS110 NCTF Coldstore system is supplied to construction projects complete with the unique Kingspan Camlock interlocking system.
Core thickness (mm) 100 150
U-Value (W/m2K) 0,2 0,13
R-Value (m2k/W) 5,00 7,69
U-Value (W/m2K) MegaCold 0,21 0,13
R-Value (m2k/W) MegaCold 4,76 7,69
Weight (kg/m2)
0,5 steel/0,5 steel
13,36 15,45
Ultratech floor profiles

Environmental Rating
Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP), Low Global Warming Potential (GWP), Free From CFC, HCFC and HFC, Free from Halogentated Fire Retardents, 100% Recyclable

Not All Insulation is the Same

Fire Test Certification and Real Fire Case Studies

Steel Options
The steel used for the skin of the panels conforms to EN 10143 
 Hot-dip zinc coated with a total of 100(standard), 200, 225  or 275 g/m2 of zinc. This can be finished with a number of coatings.
 Polyester, PVDF, Plastisol
Substrate thickness:
External skin: Standard 0.50 –  Max: 0.70 mm
Internal skin:  Standard 0.50 –  Max: 0.60 mm
Other thicknesses can be supplied subject to discussion with Kingspan.


MEATCA Building Envelope Product Portfolio

The Kingspan guide to our range of solutions across Roof & Wall, Cold Storage Systems, Facade & Rainscreen, Lighting, Clean Rooms and Structural products

Not All Insulation is the Same

Fire Test Certification and Real Fire Case Studies


TS EN 14509 Conformity Certificate (Adana Plant - TURKEY)

Conformity certification from TS EN 14509

LPCB Certificate of Product Approval

Registration certification is from LPCB 18001

ERA 13501-1 Reaction to Fire Certificate

Certification of fire reaction for KS110NCTF panel, thickness range 100 mm.

ERA 13501-1 Reaction to Fire Certificate

Classification of reaction for fire accordance with EN 13501-1 for QuadCore KS110NCTF thickness range 60 mm

FM 4880 Approval Certificate (KS103SSF, KS103MSF and KS110CTF with IPN Core)

Compliance certification is from FM for Wall Panel KS103 SSF & KS110CTF & KS103SSF thickness range 40-200 mm

FM 4881 Approval Certificate for KS103SSF, KS103MSF and KS110CTF (IPN Core)

FM 4881 Approved certification from FM for Wall Panels

OHSAS 18001 Certification (Adana Plant - TURKEY)

Occupational Health and Safety certification is from OHSAS 18001

TS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate (Adana Plant - TURKEY)

Quality certification ISO 9001

Cold Storage Systems Fire Resistance Certificate KS110CTF - 13501 - 1

Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)

Cold Storage Systems Fire Resistance Certificate KS110CTF - 13501 - 2

Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)

Our technical team will support you with construction details for your project.

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