Secret-Fix Aluminium Wall & Soffit System

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Product Highlights

Kingspan PL300 has been developed to meet architect's demands for options to add features, accents and diversity of appearance to wall cladding and facade applications which create outstanding visual impressions.

The completed installation provides a substantially flat facade.  While PL300 is not designed as optically flat, the solution is architecturally pleasing and cost effective.
1. PL300 is manufactured from 0.9mm aluminium, providing long life and low maintenance
2. Cover width 300mm
3. Can be provided in lengths from 1.5 metres up to 11.8 metres

Technical Information

Fixing Details
Colour & Coatings
Construction details
PL300 can be applied vertically or horizontally and is designed to be fixed directly to a bespoke carrier system where the sheets will snap into place.
PL300 carries a spread of flame and smoke index rating of 0.  Twin skin systems using the profile can be designed with mineral wool insulation to offer good through-the -wall fire performance

Not All Insulation is the Same

Fire Test Certification and Real Fire Case Studies

We offer a large range of RAL colours, PL300 is available with Kingspan Spectrum, Kingspan Altaris or Kingspan Destral High performance coatings.

PL300 can be supplied with a mill finish or stucco embossed and is available in various metals

Span (M) Wind pressure + Suction (kN/m2)
3,00 0,35
2,80 0,42
2,60 0,47
2,40 0,55
2,20 0,65
2,00 0,79
1,80 0,97
1,60 1,10
1,40 1,47
1,20 1,70
1,00 2,10
0,80 2,50

The above table relates to the use of PL300in multi span condition only.
1.  Loads are given in kN / m
2 and are assumed to be applied uniformly
2.  Maximum deflection as indicated above is taken at mid span
3.  Wind suction maximum deflection limitation is taken as span / 90


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