KingZip Linea

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Product Highlights

 Our 2D building envelopes give you the freedom to design with total flexibility

1.  KingZip Linea can be  tapered or smooth curved to 5m convex
2.  Available in cover widths from 250mm to 500mm
3.  Advanced structural, thermal, acoustic and fire performance
4.  Exceptional long term weatherisation and durability


Technical Information

Product Detail
Testing Standards & Approvals
Construction details
Thermal Performance
NBS spec

Structural Performance
Kingzip Linea is a high load-bearing structural solution, suitable for projects worldwide including seismic codeseismic code specific applications.

Kingzip Linea Outer Profile Dimensions
Nominal Gauge  (mm) 0.8, 0.9, 1,0 &1,2
Panel length (m) 1.5 to 150*
Standard Cover Width (mm) 300, 400 & 500**

*  Can be manufactured on or off site.  Factory manufactured up to a standard length of 15m (13.7m in Australia due to transport limitations)  Please contact our technical department for further information.

**  Kingzip Linea 500 must be used only in a fully supported system, other widths are available on request

Kingzip Linea Typical Weights:Aluminium
Cover Width 0.8mm 0.9mm 1.0mm 1.2mm
  kg/lm kg/lm kg/lm kg/lm
300mm 3.87 1.16 5.13 1.54
400mm 3.53 1.41 4.70 1.88
500mm 3.34 1.67 4.44 2.22

Product Tolerances
Cover Width +2.2mm / -2.2mm
Edge Squareness 1% of sheet cover width
-up to 10m long +10mm / -5mm
-over10m long +10mm* / -5mm

* +1mm per length over 10m

Aluminium Halters

155mm Ziplok Halter v2
Our extruded aluminium halters are supplied complete with pre-fitted thermal pads.


Thermal Halters

155mm Thermal Pad Holder v2
Our polyamide "thermohalters" provide enhanced thermal and acoustic system performance, mitigating thermal bridging through the roof assembly
Acoustic performance is a key requirement on many projects, especially public use buildings.  Kingzip Linea has the flexibility to meet the acoustic performance specifications for any building.

Acoustic Board - Gypsum Board 720kg/m3 density
Cement Board - 1,250 kg/m3 density or specific high density rubber mat

Sound Reduction - Rw values from 36dB to 50dB
Sound absorbtion - NRC values from 0.5 to 0.85 for our standard perforation patterns.  Project specific NRC values on request.

Fire Performance
Kingzip Linea achieves a class 0 rating as defined in various national building regulations.  These systems are classed as non - combustible.
Test Result
BS 476-3:2004 Classification and method of test for external fire exposure to roofs FAA/SAA
BS 476-6:2009 Method of test for fire propagation for products 1< 12 i < 6
BS 476-7:1997 Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products Class 1 rating for aluminium/steel inner/outer metal facings
FM 4471 Panel Roofs Class 1A

Our Kingzip roof systems are manufactured and supplied under:-

BS EN ISO 9001
Compliant with ASTM E1637

Systems with UL 580-90 certification are available

KingZip Freeform Building Envelope Solutions Construction Details

Standing Seam Systems

KingZip Linea provides proven exceptional weatherisation performance, with aluminium options being the preferred choice for highly demanding environments such as airports , marine, industrial and urban locations.

KingZip Linea has been subjected to CWCT and ASTM E1680 and achieves 5m3/hr/m2 50pa.

KingZip Standing Seam Sytems NBS Spec

Roofing system

Kingzip Linea

KingZip Linea

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