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Our Tampines Hub

The Tampines Town Council constructed the Our Tampines Hub complex (OTH) to replace the former Tampines Stadium, Sports Hall, Swimming Pool, HDB Tampines Branch office and Regional library. All these individual buildings were housed under one new multi purpose complex, known as the OTH. Kingspan Singapore worked with DP Architects on the design and development of the KingZip Linea standing seam roof system for the complex

The Project

Designed by DP Architects, Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is a people-centric and inclusive multifunctional hub integrating a comprehensive range of activities focused on shared spaces and on collaborative use. The complex includes a public library, a swimming complex, food and shopping mall and features a public services centre as well as a 5,000 seater FIFA-endorsed football stadium. The artificial turf can be used for both football and rugby matches, and also for other community events.

Tampines Walk, Tampines Central, Singapore
People's Association Singapore
DP Architects
Main Contractor:
Hexacon Construction Pte. Ltd.
Roofing Contractor:
Enovate System Pte Ltd
Roof System:
KingZip Linea 0.9mm Aluminium, 3 coat PVDF : 15,000m2

The Design

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OTH is conceived as a large and integrated green infrastructure, designed sustainably with green in look and in heart. Extensive green walls, accessible sky terraces and rooftop gardens are designed for leisure and enjoyment, as well as eco-community farming. In addition, besides utilising solar PV roof to harness renewable energy sources, latest techniques such as wormeries and food waste recycling technologies like eco-digestors will also be introduced and showcased in the development to cultivate greater environmental consciousness. All of these features in OTH aim to develop a self-sustaining and holistic ecosystem of active and sustainable living, with an ecological mindset of reducing carbon footprint and impact to our environment.

Need more info?

Download the case study leaflet to learn more about the KingZip Linea application used on the project

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360 Degree Support and Service

Kingspan Singapore worked closely with the Project Architects, DP Architects Singapore to specify and generically identify the products using a performance specification in the tender document. This was achieved by providing relevant and timely information like design calculations, shop drawings and concept drawings to the consultants at the design stage. Technical and operational support from our Dubai and Australia offices offered a quickest response time to technical queries and best procurement time line.