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Istanbul Airport Service Buildings

With the development of the New İstanbul Airport in Turkey, Turkish Airlines (THY) is building a state-of-the-art campus comprised of 50+ next-generation support facilities that will total over 650,000sqm. KingZip Linea was the roof system of choice for the first phase of the campus for the ULD (unit loading device) repair facility, an in-flight services facility, battery charging facility, and a cargo forward base.

The Roof

The project is located on a windy terrain having an extremely high design wind load of 6.17kN/m2. The architectural design required the building purlins to be spanned at 2.60m. As per the structural calculations based on this criteria, a deep structural deck has been selected as the base layer of the roof build-up. Aluminium vapor barrier with fibre mesh reinforcement has been laid on top of the structural deck as the second layer of the system. 150mm thick mineral wool has been used as thermal insulation component, achieving a U-Value of 0,25W/m2k. KingZip Linea standing seam aluminium top sheets have been installed over KingZip Aluminium Halters as the final layer of the system. KingZip Linea standing seam sheets have been rolled up to 55m length on site to eliminate any overlapping of joints and ensuring a watertight roof application. 

Ghafari Architects
Main Contractor:
Kalyon Insaat
Roofing Contractor:
Lambda Insaat
Kingzip Linea:
Kingspan SafePro2:
Kingspan Polycarbonate Roof & Wall Light:
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Kingspan SafePro2 Fall Arrest System

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Safepro2 is an innovative personal fall protection system, designed to protect both the worker and the roof to which it is fixed. The Safepro2 system comprises a high strength steel cable, supported on energy-absorbing roof anchor posts. Roof anchor posts incorporate force minimisation technology, which limits the load transferred to the roof in a fall arrest event to less than 6kN. This feature in combination with the tried/tested compatibility of the product with Kingspan roof systems played a critical role in selection of SafePro2 for the project.
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