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Hamad International Airport

This central maintenance facility was built using 98,000 metre squared of KingZip standing seam and Kingspan PIR Firesafe wall panels. Read more..

The Project

The Hangar was designed to function as the central maintenance facility for Qatar Airways. Kingspan’s Kingzip SF Standing Seam Roof System was chosen for this project and covers an impressive area of 98000m². The Kingzip SF sheets were used in a cover width of 400mm and coated in Metallic Silver.

Doha, Qatar
Flat Panel
KingZip SF Standing Seam System
Metallic Silver | Cream
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Technical Challenges

There were many design and construction challenges that needed to be overcome during the installation of this project. It was critical that the panels installed were thermally efficient, fire resistant and weatherproof, especially during the summer months. KingZip SF is an FM and UL approved, advanced ‘zip-up’ standing seam system that creates a continuous weathertight roof. The side laps are ‘zipped-up’ in conjunction with a unique halter system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure without penetrating the external weather sheet. This method of secret fixing creates a structurally sound roof construction that provides excellent resistance to wind uplift.

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Faster Construction

Kingzip SF can be manufactured on site using very long sheet lengths, significantly increasing the speed of construction. The sheets used on Hamad International Airport were 121 metres long, and enabled a swift and efficient construction. The Flat panels installed on this project also increase the speed of construction. These panels can be quickly and easily installed and reduce build time by up to 50%.

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Ultimate Flexibility

Kingzip SF can be supplied smooth, embossed, crimp curved, concave or convex smooth, curved, tapered, wave formed or tapered and smooth curved. For this project, the Kingzip SF was chosen to create the unique curves in the roof and to replicate the vision in the design brief. Kingzip SF is available in a variety of different finishes and Hamad International Airport were able to select a coating which perfectly suited the requirements of the project.

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Sustainable Solutions

By using Kingspan’s Flat panels, there was less steelwork required for the construction of this project. These panels can achieve a green guide A+ rating and significantly reduce plant and lifetime operating costs for a company. They can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40%.

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Fire Safety

Both the Kingzip SF and Flat Panels installed are manufactured with a FIREsafe PIR insulation core and provides excellent performance in terms of fire safety and structural integrity.

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