Ceramic Granite

Ceramic granite is a proven engineered material that is available in a wide choice of styles and colourways and it replicates the natural beauty of quarried stone.

Ceramic Granite

This proven engineered material is available in a wide choice of styles and colourways, including contemporary ranges of veined and grained variations that replicate the natural beauty of quarried stone in its original state, but without its inherent flaws and weaknesses. Ceramic Granite is manufactured entirely from naturally occurring constituents - refined clays, quartz, feldspars and metal oxides. Panels are dry pressed at extremely high pressures, typically over 12,000 tonnes and then fired at 1260°C until irreversibly fused. No bonding agents are used in the process.

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Ceramic Granite

  • Free from fissures and flaws
  • Highly resistant to moisture and frost
  • Lightweight alternative to stone
  • Completely resistant to light and UV radiation
  • Highly resistant to algae growth and does not accumulate dust
  • Mechanically stronger than any natural stone
  • Impervious to effects of most acid and alkaline
  • Completely inert
  • Easily serviceable

Project details

In main photograph: Waters Technology IDA, Wexford. Product: Ceramic Granite on Karrier. Architect: O’Driscoll Lynn Architects. Find out more

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