Royal North Shore Hospital

Benchmark Evolution Axis was used on this building. Evolution was chosen due to its cost effectiveness and aesthetics. Read more..

Hospitals are very focused on interior operations as their core objective is to create spaces where people can be comfortably treated and assist them in their recovery. However, hospitals are substantial buildings, often viewed as a centrepiece for the local community, and it’s important the site has a particular character that people will remember. The BENCHMARK Evolution Axis panels allowed us to achieve this.

Mr. Outram - Founding Director
Building Studio Architects

The Project

The new eight storey building assisted the hospital with providing healthcare to the city’s Lower North Shore. Kingspan BENCHMARK Evolution Axis was chosen to provide a high performance, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing building envelope. As the panels can be mixed and matched, BENCHMARK Evolution Axis is the ideal solution for use on any new build development, and can also be easily integrated onto existing structures for refurbishment projects.

St Leonards, Sydney
BENCHMARK Evolution Axis

Business and Property Protection

As a significant building within the local community, and home to numerous healthcare operations, it was important for the panels installed to meet the strictest safety requirements. Kingspan’s BENCHMARK Evolution Axis is LPCB approved and delivers certainty of performance and insurability. The panels act as a considerable fire safety measure and aim to reduce fire spread, enhancing the safety of patients and staff


Faster Installation

Kingspan BENCHMARK Evolution Axis is a single component, single fix installation which significantly increases the speed of construction. As a result, architects and contractors can exceed client expectations and construct buildings within tight timescales. “The availability of BENCHMARK Evolution Axis in various lengths allowed us to cover a greater surface area quickly. The benefit in BENCHMARK’s thermal performance eliminated the need for external wall insulation and supported us to meet project completion deadlines.” George Lu, General Manager of Foxville Projects Group, says