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Providing More Than Just A Product

We provide more than just a product, we are committed to offer the market with high quality, certified and innovative products supported by technical expertise and customer service which is unsurpassed in the industry.

Sustainable Solutions

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Our commitment to sustainability is instilled at every level of our company and at every step in the manufacturing process. Through our Planet Passionate programme we will reduce carbon across our value chain and continue our relentless pursuit of low-carbon buildings that deliver more performance and value, with clear targets to strive for by 2030. To significantly reduce our environmental footprint, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of both our operations and products.

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Certified Product

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Our insulations have numerous product certification types, all slightly different. However they all have one thing in common – they are designed to both confirm product performance and reassure those using them that they are getting what they expected. With rigorous monitoring and checking, by professional bodies such as the DCL and UL listing. The resulting benefits of these certification, among others, are the benefits of knowing the product is safe and effective,demonstrating their proven performance and reliability.


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Kingspan is committed to innovation to make building better. It’s something we demonstrate daily in the work we produce. Challenging building industry traditions through innovating in advanced materials from insulated to pre-insulated products and digital technologies to achieve a net zero emissions future. Kingspan’s products and systems therefore ensure higher lifetime energy and carbon savings.

Technical Support

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Kingspan Technical Services Team are here to assist you on your project with advice and support. We work with our customers on an individual project basis to ensure that the correct  products are specified and ordered, taking into account all possible variables from quick U-value & condensation calculations to onsite support. All our technical engineers have extensive product knowledge and experience of practical application for wall, roof and floor insulation and so can provide a wide range of technical support services.

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