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World-leading innovation tailored by your local experts.

The relentless pursuit of building better is what defines Kingspan. Above all, we are dedicated to achieving ever more energy-efficient buildings through innovative technologies, products and whole building design techniques. We're also dedicated to continuous service innovation, working in partnership with our customers to make their building projects more successful.

Featured Innovations

Innovation in
Insulation Performance

Introducing QuadCore Technology - Kingspan's next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core with its distinctive grey microcells - powering the industry's highest combined performance. 

Innovation in
Design Flexibility

Our innovative new rainscreen façade installs at least twice as fast as any comparable system. Available in 5 natural metals and aluminium ppc, cassettes can be laid vertically or horizontally and come in 4 easily interchangeable cassette options. There’s no requirement for sealants or gaskets meaning no streaking or maintenance issues.

Innovation in Holistic Building Techniques

Our Kingspan ZerO Energy Lighting (ZEL) solution combines the latest in polycarbonate rooflight products, LED lighting with smart dimming controls and photovoltaic technology to create a bespoke package that can completely eliminate lighting energy costs. Play the video to learn more. 

KingZip Infiniti

KingZip Infiniti offers you unpresedented freedome to create extraordinary 3D geometric buildings with complex shapes and forms - taking design and contruction of the building envelope to new levels.

Modularis Video

Modularis Cold Free Standing Controlled Environments with Zero Construction
With Kingspan it is now possible to construct economical, fast, problem free cold rooms with Kingsapn Modularis Cold Controlled Environment System.
Self standing and easy to install Modularis allows you to fast track constructions.