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At Kingspan Retrofit we know that your house is your greatest venture. There are numerous costs associated with keeping your home energy efficient and we are here to help.

Cost Savings

How must does it cost?

Kingspan Retrofit Service can help you save money and heating with an energy upgrade for your home. There are government grants for energy-saving home improvements through the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland). These grants will assist homeowners to reduce their energy bills and better manage their energy consumption.

How can we help?

Kingspan Retrofit is an approved SEAI counterparty; we can apply for the Home Energy Grants saving you time and hassle. Our countrywide network of SEAI installers and contractors are here to help and assist you. They will call your house and see what measures are suitable for your home.
How can Kingspan help?
Experts in home insulation

Experts in home insulation

We have years of experience and knowledge through Kingspan Insulation, who have over 40 years in the industry manufacturing high premium and high-performance rigid insulation products for areas such as:
  • Attic insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • Internal wall isulation
  • Pumped cavity wall insulation  
Our contractors also specialise in the other retrofit measures which are available under the SEAI grants such as solar panels, heating control upgrades and boiler replacements.

Our Retrofit Solutions

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