Grants for Solar Water Heating

Did you know that solar thermal technology can provide as much as 70% of your home’s hot water for the year free of charge? We can arrange your solar water heating grant as well as its installation, making your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

What is a Solar Thermal System?

Solar thermal hot water systems use the sun’s energy to generate heat for the water in your home. Solar thermal technology can provide as much as 70% of your home’s hot water for the year free of charge.

Solar thermal systems differ from solar photovoltaics (PV) panels, which convert sunlight to electricity and help reduce the amount of electricity used from the grid.

How does Solar Thermal Energy work?

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  1. To get the best out of your solar panel it should be installed facing due south; the tubes can be rated to help with less than perfect roof angles. The ideal slope for a solar hot water system is 40° at a 20° elevation.
  2. The solar thermal tubes collect the energy from the sun which is then transferred to fluid in the tubes. In order to maximise efficiency and get the most out of your solar panel, you need to install a size based on the occupancy within the house. The flexibility with our system is it is expandable as your needs change.
  3. Once the fluid in the tubes is hot enough it is pumped through the system to the solar cylinder. A twin coil hot water storage tank is required to accommodate both the Solar system and your central heating system to heat the water in the tank. Generally a stainless steel unit is for use with a pressurized system and a copper unit for an open vented system.
  4. Coils within the solar cylinder tank receive the hot fluid and this in turn heats the water which is stored in the tank.
  5. The solar controls allow you to time the hot water in the tank and measure the temperature of the water.
  6. If the solar panels cannot collect enough energy to heat all the water a secondary system should be used such as a gas or oil boiler
  7. Water comes directly from the water tank to your taps, baths and showers. Enjoy solar hot water all year round!

How much does a Solar Thermal System cost?

Solar thermal system costs can vary, all homeowners whose homes were built and occupied before 2011 can apply. SEAI offers grants of up to €1200 on solar panels in Ireland, and we can arrange the application for you.

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