Grants for Internal Wall Insulation

Do you know how your walls have been insulated?

Don't worry - you're not alone!

A lot of homeowners are unfamiliar with how their internal walls have been insulated.  Unfortunately, your home may not be offering an adequate barrier against heat loss, which usually means higher energy bills as you try to heat your home.

If you are looking to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, upgrading your internal wall insulation is an excellent way to make long-term savings and improve the comfort of your home.

What are the benefits of internal wall insulation?

  • Internal wall insulation offers a thermal insulation solution for properties where cavities cannot be filled or external wall insulation cannot be used.
  • Internal wall insulation can dramatically reduce the likelihood of condensation on internal wall surfaces.
  • Internal wall insulation retrofit can be undertaken on a room by room basis.
 internal wall insulation

How is internal wall insulation installed?

Internal wall insulation does exactly what it says on the tin!

Insulated plasterboard is fitted to the inner surfaces of your external walls. A vapour layer is also inserted in order to seal the insulation against air penetration.

Internal wall insulation can be used on any home and, unlike external insulation, it has no impact on the external appearance of your property.

What is the cost of internal wall insulation?

The cost of retrofitting internal wall insulation varies from property to property depending on many factors, but there is an SEAI Grant of up to €2,400 available to assist with the cost of the installation.

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