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Why do we need attic insulation?

Attic and Roof insulation
Roof insulation is vitally important when it comes to keeping your home warm. It is the largest area of heat loss in a house and a poorly insulated attic could allow up to 35% of your home's heat to escape, costing you money.

Retrofitting roof / attic insulation has a number of benefits including:
  • Reduce heat loss by up to 30%
  • Reduce your home heating bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

How is attic insulation installed?

Attic and roof insulation
There are two ways of insulating your attic:
  1. Pitched Roof Insulation - If you use your attic as a living space then this area should be insulated at the rafters (ie, the pitched roof).
  2. Ceiling Insulation - If the attic is not used as a living area then it should be insulated between the joists (ie, above the ceiling) as it would wasteful to keep the attic heated. By insulating the attic at ceiling level it will prevent the heat rising to the unused attic space, saving you money on your heating bills.
It is important that if the attic is insulated at joist level that pipe lagging is part of the attic upgrade process, as the temperature of the attic will be reduced. Pipe lagging is a special type of insulation fitted around water pipes in order to prevent the pipes from freezing.

We will also draft-seal your attic access hatch and install an insulated walkway so you can access your tank.

What is the cost of roof / attic insulation?

The cost of roof / attic insulation will vary depending on the size of your attic and what existing insulation is in place. There is an SEAI Grant of up to €300 available to eligible homeowners for this measure.

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