Boiler and Heating Controls

Boiler and Heating Controls

Why consider upgrading your boiler?

Boiler and heating controlls
Your heater boiler can account for approximately 55% of your annual energy bill. This is because most boilers operate at a low efficiency, making your heating bills significantly higher than they need to be. Installing central heating controls and a high efficient boiler could cut your fuel bills by a quarter. A typical boiler replacement and heating controls upgrade takes less than 1 day and can save you as much as €150 per annum.

Heating controls also have an important part to play when it comes to managing fuel consumption. Newer heating controls have a number of functions including a pre-set schedule option which will help you easily and efficiently manage your fuel consumption. It is recommended that a thermostatic valve is fitted on each radiator in the property in order to ensure each radiator maintains a constant temperature.

What are the benefits of boiler and heating controls?

 boiler and heating controls
The four main advantages of a boiler and heating control upgrade are:
  • It will make your home more comfortable
  • It will reduce your heating costs, thus saving you money
  • It will improve your boiler’s reliability and safety
  • A high efficiency boiler and heating controls upgrade will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

How much will it cost?

An SEAI Grant of up to €700 is available to homeowners to help cover the cost of boiler and heating control upgrades.

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