Gas Boiler Replacement and Heating Controls Grant

Did you know that your boiler can account for approximately 55% of your annual energy bill? A typical boiler replacement and heating controls upgrade takes less than one day and can save you as much as €150 per year.

Why Replace your Boiler and Heating Controls?

Boiler and heating controlls
Did you know that installing a high efficient boiler and central heating controls could cut your fuel bills by a quarter?

Most boilers operate at a low efficiency, which makes your heating bills significantly higher than they need to be. Heating controls also have an important part to play when it comes to managing fuel consumption. Newer heating controls have a number of functions including a pre-set schedule option which will help you easily and efficiently manage your fuel consumption.

How Will a Boiler Replacement and Heating Controls Upgrade Help?

 boiler and heating controls
The four main advantages of a boiler and heating control upgrade are:
  • It will make your home more comfortable
  • It will reduce your heating costs, thus saving you money
  • It will improve your boiler’s reliability and safety
  • A high efficiency boiler and heating controls upgrade will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

How Much Does a Gas Boiler Replacement and Heating Controls Upgrade Cost?

An SEAI Grant of up to €700 is available to homeowners to help cover the cost of a gas boiler replacement with heating control upgrades. We can help make this a hassle-free process.

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