WasteStation dewaterer & macerator

The ideal solution to your food waste problem

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40% of kitchen waste is food, which comprises of 80% liquid. The WasteStation is the ideal solution to this problem, with a processing capacity of 700 kg per hour, the systems grind food waste into small particles & feeds them into the dewatering system. In the system, the centrifugal action forces liquid from the macerated food waste, which then flows into the grey water system. Any solid food waste is deposited into a lidded bin. 

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With WasteStation your kitchen could benefit from; 
  • A processing capacity of up to 700 kg per hour.
  • Reduction of up to 80% in waste collection. 
  • Self cleaning system reduces the amount of time staff spend on managing and processing food waste. 
  • Compact deign and short processing times ensure low operating costs.
  • Sensor to alert you when the bin needs emptied. 
  • Fully enclosed system excludes foodwaste from all unwanted areas. 

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