Wastewater treatment solutions for self builders

Ensure your choice of treatment plant is compliant

Ensure your choice of treatment plant is compliant

Building your own home in a quiet rural setting offers many benefits but this type of location also brings additional responsibilities of ownership, not least understanding the impact your new house will have on the environment around you.

One of the most important considerations is drainage and wastewater management. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility under EPA guidelines (ROI) or NIEA regulations (NI) to make sure your wastewater treatment solution is compliant.

In ROI where the planning process is integrated with waste management, you will not gain approval without this aspect of your build fully investigated. You must also ensure that your wastewater treatment system is regularly serviced and maintained each year.

Common questions for off-mains drainage solutions

At an early stage of your self-build (before you apply for planning permission) it would be useful to consider the following questions relating to your off-mains wastewater treatment solution:
  • Is the plot rural or urban?
  • Is the plot connected to mains drainage?
  • Will the plot have a mains water connection?
  • Is the plot near a river or stream?
  • Which system will meet your needs, and local authority requirements, the best?
  • How do I get my consent to discharge (check whether it is called this in ROI)
  • Should I pump it (if near a mains connection), treat it (using a sewage treatment plant; usually the most suitable option) or store it (using a septic tank)?
DIY SOS BUILD Klargester

Case Study - DIY SOS The Big Build Ireland

Kingspan Klargester were proudly part of a huge team effort to build a home, supplying our Klargester BioFicient sewage treatment plant and a pump station in the recent DIY SOS The Big Build Ireland. Baz and the team from DIY SOS stepped up to help complete the new build last year, creating an incredible family home for Sinead and her three young children after tragedy struck Sinead’s husband Michael in March 2020.

This challenge was to ensure Sinead’s home had a trusted and reliable wastewater management solution, that was energy efficient and cost effective to run, that required minimal maintenance which the Klargester BioFicient treatment plant guarantees.

Read the full case study here
“To be able to contribute to this build and help the DIY SOS team to deliver a dream home for the Barry family was an honour.  We were only too delighted to provide a Kingspan Klargester Sewage Treatment Solution and worked with Gordon Mitchell from Mitchell Environmental - a Kingspan Klargester Accredited Installer - on the installation of the product,” explains Stephen Murphy, Commercial Manager Ireland and  UK, from Kingspan Klargester.

How can Kingspan Klargester help?

With over 70 years’ experience and local knowledge in water management solutions in Ireland, we would be delighted to help you choose the correct wastewater treatment solution for your site. We can offer:
  • A free site visit and assessment from one of our local area sales managers
  • Full percolation test (which is needed to apply for planning permission)
  • Up to 7 years warranty on our Klargester domestic sewage treatment plants
  • Professional and trusted installation options in your local area
  • Affordable wastewater service and maintenance options to ensure your Klargester system performs optimally at all times
To book your free site visit contact your local Kingspan Klargester team on 0818 540 543 (Locall ROI) or 028 3026 6799 or email klargesterinfo@kingspan.com

Wastewater treatment options

Sewage treatment systems that deal with wastewater vary hugely in terms of how they work and their efficacy ie. how effectively they can breakdown solids.

The one product that works extremely effectively, wherever you live, is a sewage treatment plant.  This is an underground tank which provides an environment where aerobic bacteria can break down sewage and it is highly efficient, treating more than 90% of the pollutants in wastewater. Find out more here.

A septic tank, by contrast, does not treat waste. It produces soluble waste from solids, and this is then discharged and filtered through the ground. Find out more here

For further details on the differences between a sewage treatment plant and a septic tank - click here.

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