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Specialist waste management for Primark

Primark had a few obstacles to get around when they were dealing with on-site waste. That's where we came in.

The Project


Primark's multimillion pound distribution centre currently under construction has considerable topographical challenges and is some distance from services such as the main sewer - making the issue of waste disposal a 
major consideration for the project planners.

Furthermore, the disposal of sewage effluent is made more complex by environmental sensitivities surrounding the local water course.


It was decided that dealing with waste on-site would be preferable to an off-site solution primary because of the benefits the team felt this would bring. 

To this end, the main building contractors, Sir Robert McAlpine, turned to Kingspan Klargester for specialist advice. Because the centre is positioned on lightly rising ground, the sewage treatment solution needs to be installed of  depths of between three and six metres – making the consequent loading on the tank a concern.

What’s more, the length and size of the site, along with the large number of staff, indicated that a substantial, bespoke treatment plant would be required. The other issue is that the effluent from the treatment solution would discharge into a water course.

With all this in mind, the Kingspan Klargester team determind the Envirosafe commercial packaged sewage treatment plant was best suited for the installation. The Envirosafe is designed to be flexible and modular and the designers used this adaptability to create two linked tanks to achieve sufficient capacity and to effectively manage the collection, biological processing and disposal of the waste.

Roger Smart, Chief Engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine who is overseeing the installation advises: “The Envirosafe has ensured that future sewage waste is entirely self-contained within the site, minimising its environmental impact. 

Kettering, England