Superior thermal performance

ULTIMA is a Closed Panel Wall system developed by Kingspan to deliver high levels of thermal performance, airtightness and elimination of Cold Bridging due to its continuous Kooltherm insulation lining.
Factory manufactured under strict quality control, the ULTIMA Wall System is quick and easy to install – reducing labour costs and build times.

  • U Value range 0.18 – 0.09 W/m2K
  • Exceeds building regulations by 225%
  • Factory pre-fitted Insulation with Airtight Membrane and Service Void
  • Eliminates Cold Bridging, Air Leakage and Drafts
Kingspan Century’s ULTIMA Wall System not only meets the current building regulations, but exceeds them.

Additional Information

U Values
Thermal Bridging
Performance Testing
A U-value is a measure of thermal performance, or heat loss through a complete building element (eg. wall, roof, floor). The lower the u-value, the more insulated the element is.
Overall Wall Thickness U-Value

0.18 W/m²K


0.15 W/m²K


0.12 W/m²K


0.09 W/m²K

Window graphic

The provision of a dedicated service void for electricals, plumbing etc. maintains the integrity of both the insulation and airtightness of the panels.

The ULTIMA panel jointing system maintains continuity of airtightness not only at panel to panel junctions but also at critical junctions with foundations, intermediate floors and roof.

In whole building airtightness testing ULTIMA has consistently delivered permeability less than 2m3/m2/hr @ 50pa and as low as 0.5m3/m2/hr@ 50pa.

Air leakage Barrier dressed into the window reveal allows a simple tape seal to windows and doors.

Thermal Bridging

A thermal bridge (or cold bridge) is an area of a building which has a higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials, resulting in an overall reduction in thermal performance.

The continuity of the high performance Kooltherm Insulation internal lining not only ensures the elimination of Thermal Bridging within ULTIMA Wall panels but also at critical junctions with foundations, floors and roof.

We have carried out full thermal modelling of critical details to determine λ Values (lambda values) and demonstrate the elimination of thermal bridging.


thermography illustration

We never take anything for granted – so in addition to our pre-delivery energy assessment, we carry out on-site Blower Door tests to guarantee the airtightness of our ULTIMA system. We also use thermographic imaging to demonstrate the elimination of Cold Bridging.

Planet Passionate


​Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

Range of U-Values

ULTIMA Wall Range of U Values


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