Open Webs

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Greater flexibility

Kingspan Century offer prefabricated floor panels constructed from lightweight yet strong open web joists.

Open web joists are the next generation of high performance engineered timber achieving greater clear spans than solid or I-Joists, reducing the need for internal load-bearing walls and giving you greater flexibility.

Supplied as part of an integrated full Timber Frame package.

Additional Information

Benefits of Open Webs
  • Greater clear spans for design flexibility
  • Open web design for easy services installation
  • Lightweight, strong and easy to install
  • Engineered for consistent quality and reliability

The innovative use of high strength steel webs and lightweight timber flanges combine to make a structural beam that is capable of increased spans than would be possible with a beam made of timber alone.

Open web joists also facilitate simple integration of services such as ducting for heat recovery ventilation units, plumbing pipework and electrical cabelling.

Our Open Web Joists in prefabricated panels are available in a range of joist depth from 202 – 421mm

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