Timber is the only carbon neutral construction material


Strength for strength, timber uses 5 times less energy to produce than concrete and 6 times less than steel.

Every cubic metre of wood used in construction saves 0.8 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.

And every timber frame home built saves an average of 4 tonnes of CO2

Carbon Neutral

  • Trees absorb CO2 as they grow. In fact, because of the carbon sink effect of the forests, wood from sustainably managed forests can actually be better than carbon neutral.
  • Trees absorb one tonne of carbon dioxide for every cubic metre’s growth
  • They also produce the oxygen we breathe - almost ¾ tonne of oxygen for every cubic metre’s growth.

Building carbon neutral - or better

  • Using wood instead of other building materials saves on average 0.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per cubic metre
  • 3 tonnes of CO2 can be saved by using timber frame from the 20 tonne CO2 footprint of a typical 3 bedroom detached house.
  • Increasing the timber content, including softwood cladding, can reduce the footprint to 2.4 tonnes – a total reduction of 17.6 tonnes CO2

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