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Why Timber Frame?

Ultima wall panel construction

Timber frame system-build techniques provide predictable costs, technical specification and construction quality, with reliable on-site schedules and ‘on time’ completion

Key Benefits of Kingspan Century Building Systems

  • Flexibility in Design afforded by fully Engineered Construction Systems
  • Highest Levels of thermal and airtightness performance
  • Predictability and speed of programme
  • Certification of performance and regulatory compliance
  • Highly structural, sustainable and efficient building materials
  • Improved health and safety
  • Reduction of on-site wastage
  • Operational cost – lifetime savings from energy efficient structure

Benefits of Timber Frame


  • Flexibility in Design afforded by fully Engineered Construction Systems
  • Design synergy through integration of structural frame with cladding and building services.
  • Fully 3D modelled prior to manufacture, exposing potential clashes in the design office and resolving them before they become costly problems on-site.
  • In house design team involved at all stages of the project, with the experience necessary to develop innovative bespoke solutions for individual project needs and offer the most cost effective design solution.
  • Kingspan Century Building Systems can incorporate a vast array of architectural treatments and features, including creation of open plan areas through hot rolled steel integration.

Building Physics

  • The highest levels assured thermal, acoustic and fire performance.
  • U-Values down to 0.10 W/m2K
  • Reduced Thermal Bridging, with thermally modelled Junctions
  • High levels of Airtightness well in excess of building regulation requirements
  • Up to 90 minutes Fire rating
  • High levels of Acoustic attenuation


  • Kingspan Century holds the highest level of Product Certification providing specifiers with assurance on both performance and regulatory compliance


  • Structural efficiency – timber offers high strength to weight ratio and therefore reduces material usage over traditional materials.
  • Timber sourcing only from suppliers who maintain Chain of Custody certification with either FSC ® or PEFC criteria. We are also FSC® certified (FSC® C109304) and PEFC certified (PEFC 16-37-1330).
  • Achieved A and A+ ratings in the BRE Green Guide.
  • Recyclable – Kingspan Century frame sections are 75% recyclable. This characteristic also reduces the waste produced by the overall project.
  • Lightweight – up to 50% reduction in overall weight of the structure relative to traditional construction reduces requirements for foundations.
  • Low ODP and GWP.
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Certification

Off-site modern method of Construction

  • Improved health and safety – work is carried out under safe, warm and high quality environments utilising ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 management systems – equating to fewer man hours on-site.
  • Cleaner site fewer trades and less waste on-site.
  • Reduced noise – improved site and surrounding environment.
  • Just-in-time – delivery of components as needed allows construction on tight sites, lowering costs in site management and storage facilities.
  • Kingspan Century holds the highest level of Product Certification providing contractor with assurance on both performance and regulatory compliance

Speed of Build

  • Risk to the client is reduced through predictability and speed of programme which in turn offers a quicker return on investment.
  • Utilising advanced design and production techniques Kingspan Century Building Systems can exceed a 30% reduction in overall build programme relative to traditional builds.
  • Rapid dry envelope – reduction in time to achieve a watertight structure over a traditional build allows access for follow on trades earlier and further reduces the build time.
  • Service integration – service cavities and open web joists reducing fit out times.

Quality & Cost

  • Build cost – savings on labour times
  • Operational cost – lifetime savings thanks to highly energy efficient structure.
  • Tight tolerances – high dimensional accuracy of construction gives long term reliability.
  • Kingspan Century’s construction services team provides dedicated site supervision ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

Kingspan Century can deliver an energy efficient home, without compromise on comfort, quality or design. Our unique construction methods are based on the same advanced techniques developed for our multi-award-winning Lighthouse project, which saw Kingspan redefine the boundaries of modern housing design and zero carbon living.

Today, we apply those same technical specifications and construction methods to every home we help create.

Unlike traditional masonry construction methods, our advanced build solutions assure the design performance of your home is achieved in reality and not just on paper.

Utilising a fabric first approach Kingspan Century provide a highly insulated and airtight building fabric that when coupled with our extensive range of low carbon and renewable energy technologies provide all the essential components required to achieve an A-rated performance.

Compared to traditional masonry methods of construction, Kingspan Century timber frame homes

  • Deliver A-rated BER performance
  • Achieve running costs of as little as €1 a day with renewable technologies
  • Can exceed building regulations requirements by up to 200%
  • Promote greater efficiency and supply chain integration
  • Are engineered to the highest level of accuracy and quality
  • Deliver greater control to the construction process
  • Have considerably less impact on the environment

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