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Technical Insulation Services

HVAC Technical Services

All technical insulation product ranges are supported by a free and comprehensive technical advice service for designers, specifiers, consulting and mechanical engineers, mechanical and electrical M&E contractors as well as building services and facilities managers.

Expert guidance is provided to make specification and installation, operation and maintenance as straightforward as possible. Project specific advice and solutions for non-standard applications and complex technical issues are also offered. The HVAC Technical Service Department can also provide:
  • Advice on product selection
  • Guidance on achieving compliance with current Building Regulations / Standards
  • Heat loss / gain and insulation thickness calculations in accordance with The Non-Domestic Heating & Cooling Compliance Guide, BS 5422: 2009 & 2001 and the TIMSA HVAC Compliance Guide
  • Condensation / dew point risk calculations
  • Information on ductwork air-leakage and SBEM