Kooltherm Fire Sleeves

Premium performance fire sleeves

Premium performance fire sleeves

Kingspan Kooltherm FireSleeves act as a 2 hour fire stop to BS EN 1366, on both steel and copper pipe service penetrations through timber frame and block wall applications, and incorporate the excellent fire and smoke performance of Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe Insulation.

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Product information

Product Information
Kooltherm FireSleeves comprise an outer sleeve of 0.5mm thick stainless steel which is clasp fastening and 205mm in length. It is lined with intumescent material. The stainless steel sleeve, encloses a 300mm length of Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation which is also lined with intumescent material.

Kooltherm FireSleeves benefit from all the performance attributes of Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation for thermal performance, moisture resistance and in particular for fire and smoke performance.

Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation products and Pipe Support systems achieve a BL-s1, d0 classification to EN 13501-1 when tested under the European Fire Classification System (Euroclass) for `reaction to fire’.
1. Prepare opening in the wall, with minimal disturbance to surrounding structure.
2. Open Kooltherm FireSleeve and install the 300 mm lined Kooltherm Pipe Insulation onto the pipe. Fit the 205 mm stainless steel fire sleeve over the intumescent lined Kooltherm Pipe Insulation and ensure that the stainless steel clasp is fully engaged.

Ensure the Kooltherm FireSleeve is positioned centrally within the opening.
3. Seal any gaps of 5 mm or less around the exterior surface of the Kooltherm FireSleeve with a 2hr Fire Rated Intumescent Mastic.

Large gaps over 5 mm should be filled with an appropriate fire rated filler or mortar.
4. Install Kooltherm Pipe Insulation flush to the Kooltherm FireSleeve and vapour seal in accordance with the project specification.

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