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kingspan access panel advanced fuel management

Product Overview

The Kingspan Access system supports comprehensive fleet management activities supporting business critical decisions. By metering intracompany fuel stations or tanks distributing fuel to different locations, the system provides complete control over distributed fuel. The use of proprietary flow meters allows you to install the system on any tank or station or tank used for fuel distribution.

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Key Features:
• User identification via unique RFID card which can be used by a number of other systems to identify drivers of vehicles equipped with Kingspan Access
• Two-step refueling authentication (eg, manager / driver, vehicle / driver, contractor / employee, etc.)
• Complete real time user database stored in the memory of the device allows you to remotely lock/activate cards instantly
• Remote management even on mobile stations or tanks
• Control the fuel pump, only after authorization is it possible to start the pump and begin fuel distribution
• Fuel theft, leakage, drop and replacement detection

• Registration of fuel quantity delivered to each user/vehicle
• Built-in database for up to 1500 users/vehicles
• Identification with unique RFID swipe cards
• Real time user database update with GPRS, tank can be situated in any location
• Two-level authentication
• Location control via built-in GPS
• Fuel theft, leakage, drop and replacement detection
• Reports

The SIM Cards are not designed for use in any safety critical application or environment where failure of the SIM Card could result in the death or injury of any person, including without limitation medical, aeronautic or aerospace, transportation and energy generation or transmission applications or environments (together, “Safety Critical Uses”). The SIM card must not be removed from Kingspan Access and must not be used for any Safety Critical Use or Application.
Kingspan Access is a comprehensive fleet management system, that includes:
• Kingspan Access GPS monitoring system
• Manage supplies to fuel tanks and stations
• Use of OptiTrax to determine and optimize routes
• Road cards and drivers log
• Verification that all distributed fuel was delivered into the tank/vehicle/machine.

Kingspan Access GPS also allows you to detect any drop in fuel levels providing comprehensive control of fleet fuel management activities, from the filling station to the usage of fuel by a vehicle or machine.
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