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Product Overview

AquaBank® rainwater harvesting, storage and distribution tanks offer a simple solution for storing rainwater and are available in capacities of 15,000 - 28,000 L. 

The black polyethylene casing offers additional advantages for the storage of rainwater. Black colour skin:
  • prevents algae bloom and sludge build up
  • stores rain water in better condition
  • helps to heat the water
In addition, we provide 10 year product warranty and excellent customer service for total peace of mind.

The AquaBank® tank series is used on many agricultural and commercial premises around the world. Find out why more and more people are turning to AquaBank® for their water storage and distribution requirements.

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Product Details

AquaBank® equipment options 15,000 - 28,000 litre:
  • Single Skin Tanks
  • Access lid 24”
  • 2” bottom outlet fitted with plated
  • Brass ball valve
  • Ventilation outlet
Capacity[l] Diameter [mm] Height [mm]
15 000  2950  2750 
20 000  2480  4590 
22 000  2480  4990 
28 000  2480  6190 

All dimensions are approximate. The dimensions may vary due to manufacturing process variations and/or environmental conditions.
  • Flawless quality - high quality polyethylene construction guarantees product durability
  • Peace of mind - 10 year warranty for the tank and 2 years for equipment
  • Smart Monitoring - monitor the liquid level in your tanks 24/7, allowing you to control locally or remotely
  • Corrosion resistance - no unsightly rust or product degradation as opposed to steel tanks
  • Low maintenance - no repainting, no risk of contamination of stored liquid, or leaks
  • Weatherproof - tanks are resistant to harsh, changing weather conditions, strong winds and UV radiation
  • Easy transport - large capacity tanks have been designed to fit into standard trucks, which reduces transport costs
  • Mobility - easy to move to another location on the premises
  • Quality - produced in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.