Single Skin Vertical Oil Tank 1,300-10,000 Litres

V1300TT V1300TT

Product Overview

Kingspan Single Skin Vertical oil tanks are the ideal solution for domestic applications where bunding is not a legal requirement. Available in 5 capacities from 1,300 – 10,000 litres, the tanks can also come with optional extra - Watchman Sonic Oil Monitor which helps to reduce the chances of running out of oil.

Product Information

Features & benefits


  • 1" bottom outlet
  • Lid with 2" Vent Cap
  • Fuel Type:  Kerosene (C1/C2), Fuel Oil (A2) and Gas Oil/Diesel (D) as defined in BSEN2869 and BSEN590 including up to 7% biofuel to BSEN14214


  • 2 year tank guarantee*
  • Reduction in footprint - vertical tanks offer maximum storage in a smaller footprint area
  • Low maintenance - no rust, no painting
  • Flexibility of top outlet and bottom outlet options for easy access
  • OFCERT approved and manufactured to ISO standards for your complete peace of mind

Optional Extra

  • Optional Extra: Watchman Sonic Tank Pack containing a WatchmanSonic Transmitter, PTFE Tape, Heldite, Heldite Applicator, Gate Valve & Filter

*One year guarantee on equipment

Capacity Ltr/Gal Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
1300/285 1200 1395
2500/550 1650 1460
3500/775 1900 1830
5000/1100 2000 2235
10000/2200 2630 2500

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