Kingspan to Showcase Renewable Technology and Energy Storage at Ploughing Championships

7 September 2017 Kingspan Water & Energy
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Kingspan will be out in force at The National Ploughing Championships 2017, with a raft of solutions designed to help farmers significantly improve productivity, efficiency, reduce costs and protect the environment.
The company will be exhibiting its industry-leading range of renewable energy technology, along with its storage solutions for AdBlue, diesel and oil.  It will also be launching its AgriMaster® range into Ireland, which are tanks designed for the safe storage of liquid fertiliser.
Renewable Energy Generation and Storage
Kingspan’s micro-generation renewable technology and storage solutions which provide free energy and a payback of just three to five years, are expected to be a big draw for visitors. 
On show will be the company’s renowned small wind turbines, which can now be combined with battery storage, plus its state-of-the-art solar thermal collectors.  Both technologies provide exceptional performance either solus, or as a highly-effective combined solution, harnessing wind and solar energy to generate electricity and heat.
The electricity generated by Kingspan’s small wind turbines can be used to power special applications or, indeed, the entire farm.  The battery storage option allows farmers and landowners to save any unused energy for another time. 
Kingspan’s roof-mounted solar thermal systems, meanwhile, can provide up to 70 per cent of the annual hot water needed both in the home and wash-down areas of a milking parlour. This reduces farmers’ reliance on immersion heaters, which in turn lowers operational costs as well as reduces their environmental impact.
What’s more, owners of either wind or solar technologies (or both) will shortly be eligible for an additional income stream through the new Feed-in Tariffs, details of which are expected to be announced shortly. 
Kingspan Renewables General Manager, Richard Caldow, says: “We know that farmers are thinking that small scale is the way to go, and are seriously exploring energy protection and energy savings, which is absolutely the correct approach. The additional income achieved from the tariff and exporting surplus energy is a bonus which supports and absorbs the costs of the investment.”
Fuel Storage Solutions
Kingspan pioneered the world’s first environmentally responsible bunded tank and now offers farmers and landowners a range of innovative steel and plastic storage solutions in capacities ranging from 200 to 150,000 litres, with a wide range of monitoring and management systems. 
Featured at the Championships, will be:

Each tank has been designed to provide secure, flexible storage and dispensing, and is equipped with top-of-the-range tank management and monitoring systems. These systems allow farmers to keep a close eye on stock levels and re-order in good time, avoiding any extra cost or stress around emergency purchases.
“We know how important safe, secure on-site fuel storage is to farmers,” says David McDonagh, National Sales Manager, Ireland. “Our on-site static and portable fuel tanks minimise the amount of time needed to refuel farm machinery.  If they’re working in the fields, they can take the fuel with them, which means they won’t have to interrupt vital work days.”
Once again, there is expected to be a lot of interest in the FuelMaster diesel tanks. These lockable, double-skinned tanks protect, store and dispense agricultural fuel oil and gas, oil and diesel. 
The AgriMaster® range has been specifically designed for the secure storage of urea and
ammonium nitrate - one of the most efficient and cost effective nitrogen-based fertilisers available to famers.  However, it’s also highly corrosive. 
The AgriMaster® is made from high-quality polyethylene and is designed to provide resistance to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation, while ensuring all national and international regulations are met.
AgriMaster® ensures easy, on-site access to a constant supply of liquid fertiliser, and supports bulk buying, saving farmers time and money. It comes with up to 10 years’ warranty and post-sale service options to underpin its high performance rating.
All Kingspan storage tanks are designed to provide the user with full regulatory and environmental compliance, including full technical back-up and after-sales customer support.
David continues: “As all this underlines, we have a huge range of solutions designed with our farming customers, for our farming customers, ranging from diesel storage solutions, to chemical-bunded stores, rainwater tanks, cattle drinkers and so on. Whatever your need, whatever your constraints or available space, we can help. 
“Our team is really looking forward to chatting to farmers at The Ploughing Championships to explore their needs and show what we can do for them.”

Kingspan will be showcasing its renewable technology and storage solutions at on Stand 727 and 450 at The National Ploughing Championships 2017, Screggan, Tullamore, Co.Offaly. For further information:  For Energy Storage tel: 1890 201 690;  for Wind tel: 01560 486 570;   for Solar tel: 028 3836 4520