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With over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing innovative ways to responsibly store, dispense and manage diesel we are now proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of diesel storage and tank dispensing solutions for a variety of applications including agriculture, construction, mining and road haulage. All solutions come with a choice of diesel tank monitoring and management options dedicated to giving you the necessary level of control needed for your business.

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Diesel Storage Tanks FAQ

Bunded (or double walled) is the technical term for a tank within a tank design. Bund is designed to catch at least 110% of inner tank contents in case of failure of the inner tank or overspill.
The diesel tank should be delivered ready for installation, should be installed on a sound concrete/hardcore levelled base, and any electrical connection must be completed according to the local regulations. All electrical work must be carried out by qualified electrician.
The diesel tank should be positioned at least 10 feet away from a residence. Under cover and out of direct sunlight is ideal to avoid water pooling on top of tank and evaporation of the product.
Diesel should be stored in a specialist tank designed for storing diesel. This will ensure the product will not spoil and the tank will not corrode or weaken.
Under the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), Diesel is limited to a maximum transportation limit of up to 1,000 litres. A suitable, sealed container should only be used when transporting Diesel.
Consider a dedicated transportation and dispensing tank such as TruckMaster as a portable solution, available up to 900 litres.
Fleet size, mileage and industry all dictate the necessary tank size required to service your commercial vehicles. For example, one HGV unit doing annual mileage of up to 120,000 will require around 4,000 litres. If HGV consumption is circa 9 mpg, annually HGV will need up to 50,500 litres (13,500 gallons) of Diesel. A larger storage tank is recommended to offset the fluctuating price of Diesel.

Kingspan offer Diesel tanks ranging from 1,225L – 9,000L with its FuelMaster range.
Tanks should be serviced annually, consumable parts as and when required (e.g filters). For details of local Kingspan Service Partners please contact our aftersales Team at helpingyou@kingspan.com who can provide you with further details.
A flowmeter is a specialist device allowing the user to see and record (depending on spec) the amount of dispensed fuel. Depending on the specification the flowmeter can be mechanical or digital. Fuel Management System bundles will use a pulser (no display) version that feeds the dispensed quantity information remotely to the external system. A flowmeter is a standard device integrated on FuelMaster diesel tanks.

FuelMaster & TruckMaster in Use

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