Patterson Oils AdBlue® Tank Project

Petrol Station Chooses Kingspan BlueMaster Tanks for Bulk AdBlue® Storage.

The Project

Kingspan's Slimline AdBlue tank provides safe and secure solution for storing AdBlue for petrol station, Patterson Oils. Slimline model is the ideal solution for areas with limited footprint and is equipped with a tank monitoring system as standard.


Location :
Co. Armagh
Featured Product:
BlueMaster Standard


Patterson Oils petrol station in Portadown, Co. Armagh needed a safe and effective solution for bulk AdBlue storage. The company had rejected using packaged AdBlue, preferring to handle it in bulk as this was more cost efficient. The company approached Kingspan Energy Storage Solutions team for advice on installing a terminal tank to supply its Tokheim AdBlue dispenser.  The tank needed to be an off-island solution and hold up to 4,000 litres of AdBlue safely and securely, without taking up a huge amount of space.


After surveying the site, Kingspan engineers recommended the owners of the petrol station install a BlueMaster 4000L Slimline tank. The Kingspan BlueMaster range conforms to the highest manufacturing and material compliance standards for AdBlue storage.  The tanks are bunded (double-skinned) for environmental protection and to safeguard against fluid contamination. The petrol station owners wanted to include a local tank monitoring system so the BlueMaster Standard was suggested by the Kingspan engineers; this comes with a pre-installed Tank Monitoring System (TMS). 

The TMS features an easy-to-read LCD display and offers level monitoring, a lead detection alarm, overfill prevention and cooling of the bund to ensure effective storage of the supplies.  The tank also includes a submersible pump and stainless steel fill line which can be connected to an external AdBlue dispenser.  A 2” stainless steel dry-break coupling connection creates a closed fluid path to ensure this is no risk of AdBlue contamination while filling the tank. 

Feedback from the customer since the tank’s installation has been very positive. BlueMaster AdBlue tanks are backed by Kingspan’s renowned technical expertise and customer support, and all come with a 10-year tank guarantee.

Featured Product:

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